Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does PPC Website work?

PPC Website is a ready made prebuilt SEO(search engine optimisation) website which is increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search on google results.

2. Does My Business Need SEO?

Yes, your business should be investing in SEO. Search engine optimization offers a way to increase traffic without paying for each and every click. When you run PPC ads, you'll be charged for every single click that comes to your website through that channel. With our PPC Website, we do SEO for your website. So you dont need to advertise your website on GOOGLE Ads.

3. How much does SEO cost?

We do not charge for SEO seperately. Our package includes a domain, standard one page website template. We do generate and upload SEO pages every week.

We charge £50 for every 500 clicks to your website. Clicks are from either direct or other search engines. We do charge only unique clicks.

4. How do I Pay?

go to and click on ' Order Now' button. You need to fill the form and continue to make payment online.

5. Do you store our Payment card details?

No. We do not store your card information. We use Stripe payment gateway. All the details managed by stripe. Other than name, email and your phone number, we do not store any other details.

6. Do I need to pay every month?

No. We do send you invoice for every 500 clicks. There is no time limit for the clicks.

7. What happens if i dont pay?

We will send you reminder email after 400 clicks. after 500 clicks reached, you will have 48 horus grace period to topup your account. We will stop the website after 48 hours and delete all your pages.

8. Can i have more than one website?

Yes you can have multiple websites under one email account.

9. How do i know that my website got unique clicks?

We do send a report each month with all tracking details of each click. Note: we will not charge for repeated clicks.

10. How do i cancel?

Your website will be live until you get 500 clicks. If you dont make payment for another 500 clicks, it will automatically stops after 48 hours. You dont need to inform to us if you want to cancel.

11. What information i need to provide to setup website?

your company name, your telephone number and your slogan

12. What is included in my website?

A domain name, Standard website with web hosting and SEO Pages.

13. Can i have my website access details?

No. We do not provide access details to customers.

14. What if i want to own my domain name?

Contact us at for domain ownership quote.

15. Do you provide email services?

No we donot provide email services. Contact us at

16. Do you inform to me when you upload new pages every week?

No. We donot share any other information to customers regarding new pages. We do upload them on weekly basis. There is no guarantee on amount of pages uploading.

17. What is the best way to contact you regarding my website?

Contact us at with your customer number in subject

18. do i have choice select multiple templates?

No. We do have one standard template.

19. Can i customise my website other than your company name, telephone and slogan?

No. There is no option to customer other areas of website.

20. Whats the best number to contact you?

We always suggest you to send us email at

21. How does your website helps me to reduce Google Ads costings?

By using keyword/area percific pages makes your adwords ppc cost lower

22. How long does it take for you to setup website after making payment?

As soon as we received your order, we will clear all demo pages and start setting up pages with your company name, your tel number and slogan. We will make your website live within 1 working day.


23. Is it possible to update my phone number on all pages in my website later?

Edits can only be made on payment of 500 credits.


Page last updated: 15-05-2021